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I'm a film director from the coolest generation.
I grew up in a world without the internet, a world without mobile phones. 
Cars still had two sets of keys, one to unlock the door and another to start it. 
And it was arguably a time with the best music ever. 
We listened to everything from Coltrane to Eminem.

So, if anyone is curious how sophisticated life could be, just try having a friend born during that time. 
We've seen every change and are happy with all the technology that's come about today. 
We're ready to jump in and learn new things because we believe nothing's too difficult. 
The hardest thing actually happens to us every day. 
We're the children of the Boomers and the parents of the Alphas. What could be tougher than that?
My name is TOE, born in 1980. Pleased to meet you!

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